Monday, May 21, 2012

Cloud manicure

It's so easy to spend too much time doing your nails when you're on summer break, oh well! Cloud manicure (on my ring finger) this week. Search for it on Pinterest, it's all over in so many fun colors!

I painted all of my nails the pretty coral color (Sonia Kashuk), then added the white layer and the purple (it was so difficult to correctly capture the purple color, it looks blue here) layers by freehand.

Close-up, but still couldn't really get the colors right.


  1. Love that!! I think I might try it when I get a moment, that's really quite pretty!! Sometimes designs on nails look strange to me, but this is really pretty :)) Looks wonderful :) xx

  2. Another amazing nail look! I really love this one :) xoxo

  3. That's cute & fun!

    Melissah from Coastal Style

  4. Wow, absolutely fabulous! Well dome these nails ;)

  5. This blog is a good way to inspire others, keep it that way.

  6. SWEET! I will try to also make a change in my usual nail polish..oxox


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