Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Date night hair

 Finals are over! I am free! It's officially summer!
Time for date night, complete with date night hair!

Double braided headband with a side bun.

Braided headband, like this one here.
I started the braids on the side with the bun (the bun covers the spot where the braids come from) and fastened them with a tiny rubber band and bobby pins, pulling the hair in front over to cover them.

View from behind.
I made a twist with my hair and twisted this around to make the bun, securing it with my Spin Pins.

 Side view.

Off for dessert!


  1. Congrats! You must be so excited! And your date night hair is amazing :) xoxo

  2. Beautiful and simple! I'm just looking for a hairstyle for an upcoming wedding and this could be perfect. I'm not be able to do somsthing similar.


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