Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lemon scrub

All of this nice weather has been fantastic, and I'm definitely not complaining, but my skin was not ready for it! With my shorts and dresses on, I found that my skin was looking dull, bumpy, and over-all wintery. It was time to exfoliate! I love, love, love the Twisted Peppermint scrub for winter, but I wanted a fresh scent for spring, so I decided that I could probably just make one for much cheaper. Here's what I found: a salt scrub from The Beauty Department, only one of my favorite websites.

I doubled their recipe, so I used:

10 tbsp sea salt
2 tbsp olive oil
Juice from 2 lemons

It was as simple as mixing all three ingredients together, but I must warn you to make sure the sea salt is thoroughly coated in oil before adding the lemon juice or else the salt will dissolve. 

I was really looking forward to trying this DIY because I love using my citrus squeezer-tool!

I'm really happy with my fresh-smelling scrub! In the future, I think I'll experiment with lime and orange-scented versions for gifts!


  1. Don't get me started on bumpy/dull skin- in need of this great exfoliating recipe! Thanks for sharing x

  2. u need to check out my blog! i did a diy like this and other scrubs!

  3. wow it's great you made these! I always pin stuff like this, bu never make them..You have inspired me :)


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