Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Gnocchi galore

I love gnocchi. Love it. It seems a food's texture is just as important to me as it's flavor because gnocchi falls into the category of foods I have a weird obsession with, along with tapioca (in pudding and as bobas), water chesnuts, and mochi. 
Anyways, I had gnocchi for dinner with the boyfriend. We used a sundried tomato pesto (ohmygoshyum), goat cheese, and sauteed onions and spinach (he added Italian sausage as well because he isn't a vegetarian like me).  



If I haven't already convinced you with my previous post, you really must try gnocchi (it's usually in with the pasta in the grocery store). Really.


  1. Never had gnocchi before, sounds delicious! I've haven't tried mochi either... I better get going, seems like I'm missing out! :)

  2. Love gnocchi! Yours looks beyond amazing. Making me very hungry for it right now and it's not even 10am! :) xoxo


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