Monday, January 30, 2012

Two edible candles (kind of)

As Pinterest continues to fuel this blog, I have tried two new candle crafts. Here we have the coffee bean candle, inspiration here. Basically, take a bowl slightly larger than a votive candle, fill it with coffee beans, and put a votive in it. Easy peasy.

Verdict: totally works. Smells super yummy, a nice warm coffee smell fills the room instantly!

Also, the orange peel candle, inspiration here. Here, the cutie peel candle. Cuter, and easier to replicate when the "wick" part gets torn over and over accidentally. Cut a cutie (or orange, or tangerine, etc.) in half, scoop out the fruit while simultaneously trying not to tear the stem in the middle (very difficult), let it dry for a few hours or overnight, pour in either canola or olive oil, and light.

Verdict: I was hoping for more of a scent, but it was still visually appealing. Also, what else would I have done with the peel?

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