Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tea time!

 Went to tea with my mother today, at the beautiful Briarwood Inn. It was perfectly decorated for Christmas and made this tea a great start to Winter Break.

My mother and I have been going to mother-daughter teas annually since I was starting elementary school and it is one of my favorite traditions. We used to go at the beginning of each school year but have since switched to during the holidays and it makes tea so much more festive!

Our meal began with our tea, we both chose the cinnamon spice that smelled like Christmas and warmth and everything happy! Then we proceeded to blueberry and cranberry scones, followed by a tomato bisque.

Finally, the best part of any tea. The tiny quiches and sandwiches and desserts on a three-tiered tray! We enjoyed tiny bites of asparagus and tomato quiche, and cucumber and salmon finger sandwiches. The desserts were red velvet cupcakes, apple crumb bites, shortbread cookies, raspberry tartlets, and peppermint fudge. It was all so delicious and festive!

We stayed for hours sipping our tea and left happy and full. 
Until next year!

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  1. Sounds like such a lovely time! You both look gorgeous :) xoxo


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