Friday, February 3, 2012

Snow day!

A snow day? In college? At CU-Boulder? Unheard of! Yet we got to enjoy such an event today! 
We knew that a huge snowstorm was blowing in and that it would last for about two whole days, but snow days are just so rare here that no one could justly get their hopes up, until the text came in early in the morning that campus was closed. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 

Almost completely stranded from the outside world (over a foot of snow and counting!), my roommates and I enjoyed a relaxing day of baking, eating, catching up on TV shows, playing in the snow, sleeping, reading, and watching movies. It was fantastic! We made blueberry scones, deviled eggs, and sugar cookies; watched this season of 30 Rock; dozed and read interchangeably (I'm reading The Hunger Games in anticipation of the movie); and watched Bringing Up Baby. Could not have been a more satisfying day, and what makes it even better is that tomorrow is the weekend so we can still enjoy two more days off!

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