Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Yoga and test rewards!

Celebrating a great day today! 

First, finally able to consistently do a headstand in yoga! (I know this picture looks like I am holding myself up against the wall, but I promise I'm not. I'm not as tall as the door!) This process was not easy though, I have a pretty sad looking knee, with a bruise on top of a bruise...

I got an A on my biopsych test and I got an A+ on my Greek and Roman Tragedy test, one that I was super nervous for because I am most comfortable in the cold-hard-facts world of biology and the sciences. Whew! To celebrate, I made a trip to Lululemon, only my favorite yoga clothing store ever! Although everything is pretty much out of my price range, I went straight back to the sale rack and, lo and behold, a very cute top in my size, for cheap!


  1. Congrats on all of those fabulous accomplishments! What a week, huh? :) xoxo


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