Saturday, February 18, 2012

Twists and braids

Recently I got some of those teeny tiny plastic hair ties that I haven't owned since childhood. I have seen so many hairstyles around and on Pinterest that would be so much easier to achieve with those hair ties, so I decided to give in to the urge and buy the sparkly ones :)

So today's hair style was this:

I started with straight hair, with the crown teased a bit (but you can't really tell from the picture)

 Then I took a chunk of hair from above each ear, twisted upward on both sides, and secured in the back with a tiny sparkly hair tie :) To finish off the look, I added a little flower (2/$1.50 at Forever21).

Partway through the day though, I decided to play with the style a bit and turned it into two braids from each side , secured in the middle with a tiny sparkly hair tie, and added a flower again. Super quick, put-together hair style! 

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