Thursday, April 12, 2012

Conference on World Affairs

This past week, CU has hosted the Conference on World Affairs (CWA). This event happens every year and it is always such a great week. There are roughly 100 participants each year who give hour-and-a-half talks structured as panels that are mainly lectures on a variety of topics followed by question-and-answer periods. The topics range from politics to healthcare to humor to sex and drugs. People come from across the country to attend the talks (which all take place on the CU-Boulder campus) and it's a bonus that CU students can attend them whenever they have free time. I love being able to attend a talk on something completely random and different from my classes and just learn about something new for an hour and a half. 

This year I haven't been able to attend very many talks until today. I had a calc test yesterday that ate up all of my free time before last night, but I made up for it by sitting in on two talks today: "Science Storytelling: An Apple Fell Into a Bar..." and "We the Angry People: The Tea Party and Occupy." The first was very informational about the filter scientific journals have on the information that the scientific community (and the public) is exposed to. The second was also quite informative, with a panel of two liberals and two conservatives. My parents came up for the the day as well and went to lectures with me. Although my day is pretty full tomorrow, I'm hoping to attend, "Closing the Global Income Gap" or "Are Corporations People: Would Texas Execute One?" or maybe "Vampires! They Suck!" :)


  1. Vampires They Suck. I love that! Have a great weekend! :) xoxo

  2. what an interesting concept! that's cool you got to go to a couple.


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