Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend recap

Had such a busy, fun-filled weekend! Started with a concert on Friday night: Cults, who I had never heard of before that day. I wasn't so sure about going because the roommate who invited me has very hipster taste and we generally vary in music. The concert as free though (she works for a radio station and had a free +1) and I didn't have anything else going on so I went!

I'm really glad I did go, it was really fun! They were an entertaining band whose music I did end up enjoying (in a fun, hipster way) and the light show that accompanied them was fun too. Plus, they played at a cool theater in Boulder that I hadn't been to, so I'm glad I had this chance!

The next day, another roommate was performing at a dance recital with and for the Boulder Expand Program that benefits adults with physical and mental disabilities. We went to support her and Expand, and the performance was super adorable, and free too!

After a yummy Panera lunch, Lollicup dessert, and shopping trip, we stopped by CU's International Festival. We were dubious about staying when we saw how ridiculously long the line was, but that was an accurate indicator of how fantastic the event would be. There were 29 countries represented (including Colombia!) and each one had a booth with a sample of a food from the country (prepared by catering staff). I cannot explain how literally incredible all of the food was. Although there was a significant amount of food with meat and/or nuts, there was plenty that I could enjoy, and enjoy I did! We left stuffed and overjoyed, trying to place all of the different flavors in our mouths. In case you are looking for some fun, foreign recipes they can be found here.

Finished off the night with the boyfriend watching Tintin (finally!), which I loved. I was super impressed by the animation too, it was so realistic! We munched on gummy candies and chocolate chip cookies, and enjoyed a relaxing night in.

Although today has been uneventful (homework, meeting on campus, more homework), I've got plenty of fun memories from this weekend to look back on :)

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  1. It sounds like you had a super fun weekend! :) It always passes too quickly, though.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88


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