Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekend recap

Had such a long, sleep-deprived weekend but it was oh so worth it!

Friday afternoon started with a few calm hours of babysitting (biked down to the park with the kids) and volunteering at the hospital (slow day, so much chai drinking and reading!).

That night though, things got busy. I spent a few hours at the YMCA preparing for the next day's 9News Health Fair (many nonprofit health fairs are held across Colorado annually to provide healthcare to anyone, especially the impoverished). Boulder Valley's Health Fair is run by CU students and this year I was a coordinator-in-training (next year I'll be a coordinator!). 

I slept for about 4 hours that night, and then was back at the YMCA by 5 am to get ready for the fair. It was a fantastic event (with a few minor hiccups) that served over 400 people! By the time the fair was over at noon though, I was exhausted and ready to sleep. Didn't get the chance yet, because a few other committee members and I had to return 300 chairs and 50 tables to the church and rec center we borrowed them from. 

Made it home in time for a quick shower and 30-minute nap before date night. We went to Larkburger (YUM!) where I had a portobello burger and truffle-parmesan fries (an excessive amount of them) and he had a burger.

We saw a performance of Heaven on campus (he is in a theater class and had to attend and write a paper about it) which I enjoyed, but was too tired to really appreciate.

No rest for the weary however, went to bed early and woke up early to wait in line for tickets to see President Obama speak on campus on Tuesday!!! My roommate and I sat in line for three hours and were some of the first few to get tickets. Unfortunately, students hours later were just walking up and getting tickets so I guess I didn't have to wait in line, but oh well it was an experience.

Happy ticket-holders!

The golden ticket!

Had a yummy lunch and shopping extravaganza afterward, then spent the afternoon laying in the sun alternating between napping and chatting with friends. Finally an outdoor yoga class to re-align me for the week, and the weekend was over! As fun as it all was, I'm hoping the week is a little calmer :)

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