Monday, April 30, 2012

Green apple and brie sandwiches

Yummy snack tonight! Brown sugar, green apple, and brie open-faced sandwiches. 

I sliced a loaf of French bread, sprinkled some brown sugar on it, placed a few green apple slices on each piece, and topped it off with a bit of brie cheese. I broiled them for about five minutes until the bread and the cheese turned golden brown. 

These sandwiches were one of my favorite meals when my mama still cooked for me on a regular basis (those were the days), but if I had really had my act together I would have added caramelized onions too :)


  1. Oh yummy! I have all of these things at home. Guess I know what I'm having tonight :) xoxo

  2. you always have stuff i need to try!!


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