Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What a Tuesday!

Today was indescribably surreal! After my usual day of classes, I met up with my parents who had come up to Boulder for the evening. My Mama and I researched grad schools for me (I'm looking at pediatric NP/DNP options right now). I could barely concentrate though, because I knew I had such an exciting night ahead of me!

I hopped in a super long line to attend President Obama's speech here on campus, such a huge event! Thousands and thousands of students, faculty, staff, and community members were present and the police and the Secret Service were everywhere so campus was absolute madness. We waited in line for a few hours to enter the building (we had to go through airport-like security, but they didn't even check our tickets!), and then waited for a few hours inside. 

We were in the first part of the line to get into the building, and they had the nerve to seat us right behind the stage and the podium, where we only would have had a view of the back of the President's head or no view at all. We couldn't call ourselves college students however unless we stood up for what we believe in, so we revolted and ran through the stadium to better seats :)

I guess no one can tell the President exactly what to do, since he was an hour and a half late for his 30-minute speech. That was really frustrating (the event center was boiling hot with thousands of people inside and the doors shut tight for security), but it was well worth it to see him speak. He is such a talented orator! The entire crowd was engaged and cheering the whole time. What a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Immediately after I had an opposing but equally inspiring experience at the Michael Franti concert on campus. I cannot stress enough how incredible of a performer he was (so much better in person than on his recordings!), and I urge you to take any chance you get to see him live. He came alone (without his usual Spearhead band), and the event was an intimate evening of discussion and acoustic guitar performances. It was such a relaxing, uplifting experience that I won't ever forget. Unfortunately, the staff was very strict about preventing photography (I wasn't even allowed to bring my camera inside) so all I could get was this terrible phone picture, sorry!

Phew! Time to sleep!

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