Monday, April 2, 2012

Medina lecture

The other day I went to a lecture given by Dr. John Medina, the author of 

Brain Rules


Brain Rules for Baby

. I was under the impression that he would be presenting on Brain Rules for Baby, but seeing as how he was speaking at the Community Colleges of Colorado it shouldn't have been as much of a surprise that instead he was speaking on the topic of educating our educators. To sum up three hours of lecture in a very tiny nutshell, it is his opinion that teachers need to be better educated on the functioning of the brain and in order to do this it would behoove American universities to create a curriculum that would produce educators with a strong background in brain functioning. 
I definitely agree with him that educators would be better prepared to handle challenges with a knowledge of brain functioning, and I believe that the population in general would be much more effective at everything it does with this information. I also agree with him that How To Fail A Test With Dignity slides are hilarious.
I strongly recommend Brain Rules. Though I haven't read Brain Rules for Baby, I can guess that it is very informational as well. Dr. Medina's very helpful website is here, if you want to learn more.
Although it was rough to sit through an early morning, 3-hour lecture in the middle of spring break, I am certainly glad I did.

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  1. Three hours may seem like a long time but I'm sure it's well worth it once you have heard someone deliver something informative and new. I'm going on Amazon to check out his book- find the baby one especially interesting. Thanks for letting us know x


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