Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring break vacation: Glenwood Springs

Back from Glenwood Springs! It was the most relaxing, therapeutic vacation! The weather was perfect in the 70's, the mountain air was fresh, and the drive was only three hours each way (with no traffic whatsoever!).

We swam in the hot springs in the afternoons and the evening and we hiked a steep yet beautiful hike that was incredibly rewarding at the top, where we reached Hanging Lake.

The canyon we hiked up into.

The lake at the top.

My roomie and I standing on the log in the center.

Standing on Spouting Rock, where the waterfall into the lake originates.

Although I am now suffering from a painful sunburn, I managed to sleep for 11 hours the night we were there so all in all I would call it a great (albeit short) vacation, and I am about as prepared as I could be for the end of the semester.

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  1. Looks so beautiful there! Glad you had a great escape, minus the sunburn part. :) xoxo


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